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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Remodeling Part one

The entire back section of the house is under construction. On the day we closed, the realtors were joking that my DH would most likely be bringing a sledge hammer to the settlement. He was that pumped to bring walls down.

First, it was a wall that closed off the back entrance to the house in the 2nd floor hallway. Previously, there had been a need for a private entrance to the third floor apartment. The removal of the wall was dramatic as it allowed light to pour in from the south facing side into the hallway and even down into the main foyer. My camera was not quick enough to capture any 'before' shots. He beat me to the 'click' so to speak.

The second to come down was the wall in between the kitchen and what was a bedroom for the first floor apartment.

Then it looked like this

Pretty soon, it started to look better.

This week, we had company in from out of town. Everything is on hold till the weekend. The kitchen is painted and the cabinets as well. Next is countertops and backsplash.

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  1. Maria, that's awesome. I already know that when you and Woody are done it will be a palace.