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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I have some 'down time' on posting since we will be working on the kitchen and mudroom for the next week and a half. I will update the process as I get pics taken and can show a finished product.

In the meantime, I will share some of the 'pre-blog' projects we have completed.

Mostly, it's just paint. Boring coats of paint.

Yet, how instantly a fresh color can transform a space, giving it new life and ownership.

Choosing colors can be tricky. Look at a shade in the wrong light and when you get it home on the walls, you could be in for a surprise. My rule of thumb, especially with the children is to choose a color, but I chose the shade or tone. My oldest girl wanted a purple and green room. We chose the lightest lavender and a fresh, springy green that just hints at yellow. With the right accessories, any color can compliment another and with bright white trim, the colors really 'pop'.

I love white trim, but I'm limited in this house. The trim that was painted is ok to repaint. I have 'carte blanche' in the kitchen/laundry room/mudroom which are the work horses of the house and therefore 'my domain' (DH is adamant about leaving all the other wood untainted by acrylic). The rest of the house has unbelievably gorgeous woodwork that has never seen the likes of a paint brush. We are not going to start now. Despite my yearnings to see white trim with fresh color, after painting the trim and windows and doors in the back section of the house, I'm done! It's painstaking work, and although I enjoy it - I can't imagine having to re-coat every few years to keep it looking fresh. No thanks. I'll maintain the integrity of the original wood and keep every guy that walks in here happy. What is it with men and wood?

Anyway, here are some photos to fill the dead air whilst I lay granite tile.

Third floor bedroom - dubbed 'the princess room' BEFORE

Another bedroom - BEFORE

Third floor stairs after they had their 30 year old carpet removed and before they were painted.

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